Tuesday, July 08, 2008 - Thankyou.

Hello Chris

I promised you a testimonial- here it is:

" A week before I was due to set off to pedal from lands End to John O'Groats, I decided that my ageing dawes Discovery, lovely bike, ideal for such a trip, was a bit too long in the tooth to be reliable for 1000 miles, so I decided to go for a good quality road bike.After visiting a local bike shop who wouldn't give me the smallest discount on a Giant SCR1, I trawled the internet and discovered Chris's Bikes.After a long informative telephone conversation, not with an inexperienced junior member of staff, but with Chris himself, I ordered my bike with the best discount to be found on the net.I happened to be going to Cambridge so I collected my bike,not flat packed, but set up and ready to ride, not from a great trading internet warehouse, but from a good old fashioned, in best biking tradition, Aladins cave of a bike shop,"Chris's Bikes". So isn't that just the best combination- a good old bike shop giving internet discounts.I think so.Just give Chris a ring.If he hasn't got it, he'll get it, tomorrow.I can thoroughly recommend Chris's Bikes.

Oh- and the 1000miles? Went like a dream, and the bike went like a train. We raised over £10,000 for research into a cure for Parkinsons disease. If you are a PD sufferer, like me and my two pedalling friends, or like most people, you know someone with PD, why not join us next year as we once again go end to end to end Parkinson's disease.Or, if you can't do the whole thing, join us for a day.

Contact me at endtoendtoend@live.co.uk

Best wishes