Friday, December 16, 2011 - To anyone looking to buy a bike in the Cambridge area....

I recently bought a VSF Fahrrad T900 from Chris and thought the service was exemplary.Chris is very knowledgeable,personable,has a real passion and enthusiasm for his bikes and ensured that I was absolutely satisfied before going ahead with the order. The whole experience, from going into Chris' shop for a casual chat to collection, was an absolute joy.

Turning to the bike- it's brilliant. As well as taking Chris' guidance I did a huge amount of research ( The CTC forum is a useful source of information) before settling for the T900 with the Rohloff hub.
A big investment; was it going to be worth it ? General views from a number of websites is that once you switch to a Rohloff you won't go back. Well I'm so glad I did and I wouldn't go back-----the hub gear is brilliant, an absolute joy to ride.I should also add that the bike is very well speced.A number of individuals have commented on the brakes,dynamo,even the rack and in each case it is clear that the company has fitted exceptional components. So it's a bit like buying a German car, beautifully designed and executed but this time (and unlike your German car ) everything is thrown in.The point is that if you added these components as extras or an upgrade the bike would cost substantially more so yes it's expensive but you do get a lot for your money and the bike is clearly built to last. So the bike is brilliant, just like the service you get from Chris, which makes for one great experience. Get along to Girton: you won't be disappointed. (My wife did but fortunately settled for a more economical S300 ).

Nigel Morris.